Day 12 Code Berlin Challenge

Alright, so I thought about how to go on from this point and I think learning the languages whilst building a wordpress site to showcase my project a bit better is a solid plan.
So from now on I’ll focus on getting to know wordpress while squeezing in some freecodecamp lessons along the way.

Just updated my domain nameservers so that wordpress will actually work.
Getting used to WordPress is harder than I imagined it to be, glad I started a few days early.

Alright, some hours later and I’m on a good route, got a landing page I fancy, now to the other pages — I want my complete challenge to be accessible through — Let’s see if I can realise that goal.

I’ll go for dinner and finish the day with some html lessons in bed.




Development Journal of the Lead-Developer of

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Development Journal of the Lead-Developer of

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