Day 13 Code Berlin Challenge

Yesterday was pretty nice, let’s figure out how to design the other pages. I’ll likely go for a video of me going over the potential features while showcasing my prototype, and I’ll also implement some words about me, and maybe something about the challenge. Potentially outsourcing everything related to this challenge to the website.

Well, back into the wordpress-shenanigans.
Mainly fixing design struggles and some other problems I encounter due to lack of wordpress knowledge right now. So hiding the themes given header and navigation structure only works on the homepage, which was what I worked on yesterday. Bummer that I only just learned how to fix it, I got to compensate design-wise sadly. Well, at least things go forward again.

Worked on the “app” page of the website for some hours now, final touches tomorrow.
Getting a quick learning session on freecodecamp in, before heading to bed.
Basic html/html5 done, basic css is next on the freecodecamp schedule. Looking forward to go all in with that once the wordpress website is done.




Development Journal of the Lead-Developer of

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Development Journal of the Lead-Developer of

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