Day 21 Code Berlin Challenge

Alright, the final day of the C<>DE Berlin Application Challenge is here.
Let’s start the day off with finishing touches to the website.

The website is all done, let’s figure out how to actually hand in my project.

Alright I’ll have to answer the 3 questions from the E-Mail in a separate form, let’s do that.
To remind you, these are the questions:

1. How did you identify the problem to solve and why did you pick this particular organization, institution or individual?
2. Describe your approach. How did you come up with it? Is it the best possible solution? Why?
3. What did you learn in the past few weeks?

Alright, answered the questions, now I’ll tidy up all the files related to the project and hand in the challenge, fingers crossed.




Development Journal of the Lead-Developer of

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Development Journal of the Lead-Developer of

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